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This is a performance game, and is fairly difficult, so can be considered a skill game as well.

Number Of Players

This game is played with 4 people and 1 audience volunteer.

Suggestions Taken

Many suggestions. First, the audience volunteer has written a book, what have they written? Now, you need a few commercial suggestions. A few possibilities are:

  • A sitcom to appear on NBC in the coming season
  • A "Save the _______" commercial
  • A product commercial

And others.

How It Is Played

There will be three commercial breaks. In between the commercials, while three performers prepare, the other performer is a talk-show host, interviewing the audience volunteer. They can have the volunteer do a reading from their book, maybe do an interpretive dance of a chapter from the book, and just ask them questions about inspiration of their book. Whenever the talk-show host decides, they will have to go to a commercial break and will say, "A word from our sponsors." This will cue the other performers to start one of the commercials. Any order can be done with the commercials.

Tips For Performance

  • As the host, try to be entertaining. Rally interact with the author you have on stage, and, as long as you feel they can handle it, have them do some outlandish things.
  • The three commercial performers should use the time during the interview to decide how they're going to do the commercials. QUIETLY
  • Be aware of your time, this game can easily run very, very long.
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