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This is a warmup game.

Number Of Players

Two lines of 8 to 10 people.

Suggestions Taken

Two letters in the alphabet.

How It Is Played

The two people at the front of the lines start the game. Person A asks Person B, "What are you doing?" and Person B responds with what they are doing, but it must start with the two letters used for the suggestion. Person A will then reenact what Person B said they were doing. Person A will then ask the question, and reenact whatever Person B said they were doing, as long as it started with the two letters. Play will continue until one person is out of activities.

Tips For Performance

  • New letters should be taken for every new duo.
  • Use complicated letters if someone is really good at this game, so that others from their line have a chance to play.
  • This is really good for miming items, as well as not going over-the-top with reenactments.
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