Wesley "Tab A" Allen

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Wesley "Tab A" Allen joined the Ship of Fools in Fall Semester of 2003. The nickname "Tab A" was bestowed upon by the Fools because of his relationship status. He received the nickname during an Applebee's outing. His wife was occasionally referred to as "Slot B" though never to her face or even when she was around. The Fools understand that Tab A should naturally go to Slot A but found it funnier to use Slot B. Wes is known for his groan-inducing puns that sometimes take seconds to minutes to get and his willingness to sacrifice his body for a scene.


Groan-inducing puns are one of Wes Allen's greatest trademarks. Some of his most notorious examples include:

  • World's Worst Janitor:

I'm Janet Torr, and I'm a man.

  • Worlds Worst Dentist:

(miming a sledgehammer) I can't seem to make a dent!

Officer Positions

  • Webmaster: Fall 2004 - Spring 2005

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Wes is a Purdue EE, married to Sarah Allen, and frequently leaves to spend time in Texas for a job. We don't see him enough anymore.

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