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Newscasters is a skill game.

Number of players

This game is played by four people. 2 Reporters, each with a quirk 1 Anchor, with a quirk, 1 Anchor, who is normal.

Suggestions Taken

Suggestions are taken for quirks for each of the reporters and one of the anchors. Examples of quirks: This person thinks that they are a __ (bat, priest, race car) This person is *somewhere* (civil war battlefield, spaceship headed to the sun) (this list is not all inclusive to quirks taken.

How it is Played

It's a typical evening news setup: two anchormen, the sports reporter, and the weatherman. News is reported on, except that they each have some bizarre trait or personality that manifests itself during the newscast.

Tips for Performance

  • The lead anchor has to make sure that each person has a chance to say their piece
  • Suggestions taken need to be simple enough to allow for some creativity
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