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This is a Warmup game.

Number Of Players

Two lines of people, with two people up front.

Suggestions Taken

An object or subject is usually taken as the suggestion.

How It Is Played

Using the suggestion, the first player will come up with an action that matches the suggestion, do the action, say what it is, and end with "Try that on for size." The person they are going against, does the same action, but has to come up with a different explanation of what they're doing. For example, if the suggestion was cups, one person would mime stacking cups while saying, "I'm stacking cups, try that on for size." The other person would mime just the same but say, "I'm moving turtles, try that on for size." It continues until someone is out of explanations.

Tips For Performance

  • Do not use any of the same words as the person you are going against, lest you want to be out.
  • Your explanations must still coincide with your miming.
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