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Trip-a-roo is a scene game.

Number of players

Switcheroo is played by 3 people.

Suggestions Taken

A suggestion is usually taken to start the scene, either a relationship for two people, or for all three, or a location.

How it is Played

Three players perform a scene with three distinct characters. At any point the host can yell "Switch!" and the characters will change places and take on the character the other person was playing. Player A will become Player B's character, Player B will become Play C's character, and Player C will become Player A's character. When switched again, the chain will continue with each yelling of switch: Player A now is Player C's original character, Player B is now Player A's original character, and Player C is now Player B's original character. With one more switch, everyone will be their own original characters.

Tips for Performance

  • Make sure that the three characters are VERY distinct so that the character is obvious, and funny
  • It's okay to move around, just be sure to figure out who you need to follow.
  • If you screw up, the audience will know, but they'll still find it hilarious. It proves that this is really improv.

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