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[edit] Category

Town Hall Debate is a Audience Participation game.

[edit] Number of players

This game is traditionally played with eight to ten people, with the host as the "mayor", plus the entire audience.

[edit] Suggestions Taken

Two suggestions are taken. First is the name of the town. Second is a rather superfluous thing to debate.

[edit] How it is Played

The people performing the game go out into the audience, finding any empty seats. After hearing what they are to debate, they take on different personalities. They will raise their hands and wait for the mayor to call on them. Using the audience members around them, they take a side, either for or against the issue at hand.

[edit] Tips for Performance

  • It's always fun if someone has something to do with singing and get a portion of the audience to sing.
  • Try to spread all the performers out evenly.
  • This game tends to run long, so the mayor should decide when to cut it off.
  • Listen to the mayor or else the game gets too crazy.
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