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The Clap is a scene game.

Number of Players

This game is traditionally played with 6 people.

Suggestions Taken

One suggestion is taken at the beginning of the game. This suggestion is normally a word, relationship, or location used to start the scene.

How it is Played

Performers split into pairs. One pair stands in the center and performs a scene until another pair claps twice. The pair that clapped then moves center and begins a new scene with the last line said by the first pair. The game continues in this way, and every time a pair comes back to the center they continue the scene they began initially.

Tips for Performance

  • Try not to decide on the next path your scene will take while you are waiting to clap in. That tends to backfire because you are waiting for a fitting line that may not come.
  • You do not have to pick up exactly where you left off in a scene. You can move in time and space.
  • Try to let all three teams have a first scene before you come in for a second time.
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