Sweet Nothings

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Sweet Nothings is an arc game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with eight to twelve people.

Suggestions Taken

For suggestions, the host would either get a list of items and locations from the audience at the beginning, or would get the suggestions as the game progressed.

How it is Played

After getting suggestions, performers from the line will use the suggestion to either compliment or insult a loved one in the audience. For example, if the suggestion was shoe, you could say, "Our relationship if like a shoe: it has run its course" or "Your face is like a shoe: leathery."

Tips for Performance

  • Try to have an equal mix of compliments and insults
  • If the performers can't think of anything, move on
  • After a really good laugh, and you've had about five suggestions used, call scene, as this game can run long
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