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Sweet Hitchhiker is a Scene and Warmup game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with four people.

Suggestions Taken

No suggestions are taken for this game.

How it is Played

Four chairs are set up like four seats in a car and the players fill three of the seats, leaving one chair empty and one player outside the car. To start the scene, the players in the car will stop to pick up the fourth player, a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker will enter the car with some quality and the other three players will then mirror that quality. To end the first leg, the driver will exit the car, the remaining three will rotate to fill the driver’s seat. Then the scene will repeat as the quality from before will change to fit whatever quality with which the new hitchhiker enters.

Tips for Performance

  • The hitchhiker qualities can range from always singing, to blind, to super nerdy.
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