Stunt Doubles

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This game is a scene game.

Number of Players

This game is for four people.

Suggestions Taken

Normally the title of a made-up movie taken from the audience.

How it is Played

Two players begin the scene as actors filming a new movie. When something dangerous comes along (anything from threading a needle to disarming a bomb) the actors can call in their "stunt doubles", the two remaining performers off stage. They will perform the action, usually getting injured in the process, after which the real actors will come back on stage and continue the scene. Every time the doubles enter, they of course will still be embodying the injuries sustained before.

Tips for Performance

  • The stunt doubles shouldn't be on stage for terribly long at a time, as they are not the ones that will be moving the scene forward.
  • Great physicality is a must.
  • The stunt doubles really should not talk more than some grunts or screams, just like real stunt doubles.
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