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Stu "Bottle Opener" Ogle joined the Ship of Fools in 2005. The nickname "Bottle Opener" was bestowed upon him by Jeff "Spanke" Spanke during the 2005 Halloween Party. Stu is known for his silly demeanor and distracting good looks.

First Show

Stu's first show was the BAS Show on December 10, 2005. This was also the first show for fellow Fools Scott "Klaus" Parker and John "Cowboy" Clawson.

Stu's Hat

Stu is very rarely seen without his trademark green plaid hat. It is widely believed to be the source of his powers, and perhaps even his intelligence and attention span. He is unselfish and approachable, often sharing his hat with other Fools and fans, or casually tossing it to groupies as he approaches the stage. It has more than once played a pivotal role in a scene or a game of 1000 Blank White Cards.

Magic Shoes

From time to time, photographs capture a bit of magic shoes from one of the Ship of Fools on stage. Stu, however, demonstrates shoe magic several orders of magnitude beyond any others. His shoes simply exude magic onto film, and many pictures show him barely staying on the ground. Some believe this is simply an extension of the powers vested in Stu's hat. Even other shoe brands, or newer shoes fail to match the sheer magic of Stu's shoes. Beware...


Winner of the Rookie of the Year Award (2006).

Winner of the Huzzah! Performer of the Year Award (2007).

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Stu is a Mechanical Engineer at Purdue University. Stu is involved in an automobile-related Purdue club, and is constantly talking about upgrading his twin turbo Dodge Stealth, which already has an upgraded fuel pump plus hotwire kit, tuning system, boost gauge and controller, wideband, and best of all, an ooooga horn. He also has a data lauger (logger). He is employed at Earhart Hall in the dining hall with fellow Fool Andrew "Peace" Blatt. Stu is from Chicago, IL and is one of the few Fools who have actually taken improv classes (high school). Was a former pole vaulter in high school.

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