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Story Story Die is a (surprise!) story game.

Number Of Players

Typically, there are 5 storytellers and 1 director of the story.

Suggestions Taken

Typically a title for a story or just a premise for a story is taken as a suggestion. For added fun, each of the storytellers can be given a specific style in which to tell their story (Dr. Seuss, sweeping Homerian epic, and old-timey telegram have all been past suggestions).

How It Is Played

The 5 storytellers take turns telling one continuous story, directed by the directed. If one of the storytellers can't think of something, doesn't continue where the last storyteller left off, or somehow flubs a line, they are eliminated. They then step forward from the group of storytellers, and are killed off in a way suggested by the audience. The story then continues with the remaining players, going until there is one winner left, who may or may not also die.

Tips For Performance

  • As a storyteller, pay close attention to your fellow storytellers. The director may switch to you mid-thought and you must pick up where the previous storyteller left off.
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