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Steven "Angel Hair" Saltsman joined the Ship of Fools on September 22, 2007. The nickname "Angel Hair" was bestowed upon him by the group during scouting. The origin of the name comes from the distinguishing characteristic of Steven's flowing locks. He has since had a brief stint with the nickname "Samson" when his hair was cut.


First Show

Steven's first show was the Hawkins Hall Show on October 11, 2007.


Steven is often torn from the side of his comrades to serve elsewhere. He is a theatre major, and has been in over a half dozen production since joining the fools. During these times, he occassionally gets the opportunity to sit in on a business meeting or perform in a Saturday show.

On top of his theatre major, Steven pursues a chemical engineering major. Quite fitting for an improv comedian, since a breadth of knowledge (especially at a primarily engineering school such as Purdue) comes second only to acting on stage.

Steven is also a curious practitioner of not eating meat, something he acquired possibly by accepting a handbill by a downtrodden, rain soaked heckler. This is fortunately not a source of friction between his teammates, who often forgettingly (but with good intentions) offer him meat-laden foodstuffs. He also wears a leather jacket that he insists was "grandfathered in".

Bromantically Involved

Despite having, in the time before John "Cowboy" Clawson's last year, been predetermined to not get along, these two decided to give each other a chance in John's last year. This started out with simply hanging out, and by the end of the semester, had the phrase "We're not gay, we're just bromantically involved" tossed around, sometimes in earnest to members of the theatre department. Additionally, it is a universally accepted fact that if Cowboy's in town, Angel Hair is more likely to be Samson, and more likely still to be an alcoholic.

Officer Positions

Captain: Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Favorite games: Here Comes Charlie, Band Practice, Follow the Leaver, finding and inventing games
  • Strengths: The alphabet, working with Brant Rubble Bell, character, body, and voice work.
  • Weaknesses: Kryptonite, ability to be in attendance, aggressive scene developer.

Personal Life

Steven hails from Peru where he attended school with Brant "Rubble" Bell. He has 8 siblings, one mother, one father, and a slew of other relations. He doesn't smoke, nor does he drink (see Bromance). He believes in the possibility of polyamory, but personally pursues monogamy. He also has a major crush on Laura "TB" Helmers, which is thankfully reciprocated.

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