Spoon River

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Spoon River is a story game.

Number Of Players

This is a game for 4 people.

Suggestions Taken

An endowment, which can be anything.

How It Is Played

The four people on stage have died, and have come back to tell the tale of their death while living in Spoon River. The four people, either standing or sitting with their heads down, will croon "Spoon River" to begin the scene, and then begin telling their tales. When someone speaks, they will lift their head. Whenever someone else is speaking, the other three people must keep their heads down. When everyone has died or another conclusion has been reached, the performers cry out "Spoon River" once more and the scene is done.

Tips For Performance

  • Your first speaking should give your character a name and possibly one relationship or job.
  • Make sure that when one person chooses a location, everyone needs to be in that location for a reason.
  • The game tends to run long, so keep characters high energy and their story telling segments short.
  • If you see a way to either kill someone, or for your character to die, DO IT!
  • The characters can talk to each other while telling the tale, but cannot actually move or look at each other. This allows for a lot of fun interplay.
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