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Song Titles is a quirk scene game, sometimes played semi-competitively.

Number Of Players

Each individual playing can have 2-3 players, but if played competitively, players can cycle in and out through lines when someone in the scene flubs a line.

Suggestions Taken

Typically a suggestion is not taken the way the Ship of Fools and Purdue Improv Club play. Usually the constraints of the game preclude a normal scene from being followed.

How It Is Played

The players onstage will act out a scene. However, every line said by any and all players must be song titles. An example:

Player 1 : (While knocking on a door). Knocking on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan song) Player 2: Who Can it Be Now? (Men at Work song) Player 1: Lucy in the Sky, with diamonds! (The Beatles song) Player 2: Come on In! (The Monkees song)

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