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Slideshow is a story game.

Number Of Players

6-8 players generally. 1 player will be the "speaker," while the others will all be people in the speaker's slideshow pictures.

Suggestions Taken

Normally, a suggestion on where the "speaker" visited on vacation. Typically this will be an abnormal location, real or fictional.

How It Is Played

The speaker will be in control of the lights of the room/stage off to the side of the stage. When the lights are off, the other players will pose in strange, uncommon poses and groupings. When the speaker turns the lights back on, they will freeze, and the resulting image will be the speaker's "picture." The speaker subsequently narrates his slideshow from picture to picture as if showing their friends photos from their vacation.

Tips For Performance

  • As the speaker, it can help to assign identities to players onstage. Pick someone to be "you," and describe what you experienced in the slides.
  • As an onstage performer, it isn't always necessary to be in extremely strange and unconventional photos; diversity can help the speaker find humor in the scene.
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