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Skubba is a guessing game.  
Skubba is a guessing game.  

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[edit] Category

Skubba is a guessing game.

[edit] Number Of Players

This game is traditionally played with four people.

[edit] Suggestions Taken

Three words that the performers are "not allowed" to say are taken as suggestions.

[edit] How It Is Played

Three random words are obtained from the audience. While one performer leaves the room so he/she cannot hear the suggestions, the other three are each given a word that they cannot say. When the first performer comes back, the four of them begin a scene in which three performers replace the word they are not allowed to play with "skubba". They must give clues to the fourth performer so that he/she can guess which three words have been replaced with "skubba".

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • Start with subtle hints. It is not fun for the audience if your word is "eye" and you start with "I see you with my skubbas" and point to your eyes.
  • If the game seems to be dragging, then you can get more obvious with your clues to help the guesser figure it out.
  • If the guesser seems to have your word but another performer has a more difficult word, you can set up a clue to help out another performer as well.
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