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Sideline Sermon is a mime game, a guessing game, as well as a team game.

Number Of Players

Sideline Sermon is played by six people divided into two teams of three. One person on each team is the "preacher", and the other people are the conveyors.

Suggestions Taken

Suggestions are taken for each word in a three word phrase. A common phrase format that is done is "Adverb Gerund Noun" (blank-ingly blank-ing blank), but any three word phrase could be used. For example: Swimmingly threatening sheep Or: Hungrily ingesting hobos

How It Is Played

Two players take turns delivering a sermon on a subject which they weren't told about ahead of time. Each sermonizor has a team of two players who will convey the topic one word at a time using mime (NO GIBBERISH). Occasionally, the host will yell "SWITCH", as which point the "preachers" switch who is currently sermonizing. The team that is not currently sermonizing is not allowed to watch the opposing team. A team wins when the sermonizor says the complete three word phrase

Tips For Performance


  • Never stop talking. One advantage that the guesser has in Sideline Sermon is that they can talk. Keep talking, keep saying whatever you think the conveyors are trying to convey. The gives the conveyors feedback on whether their miming is taking you in the right direction.
  • Don't forget the format of the phrase. If the word is "Happily", it doesn't matter how many times you say "Happy", it won't count.


  • Pay attention to the sermonizor. They should be telling you exactly what they think. If your mime tactic isn't working, change it.
  • For more complicated words, feel free to break the word up into sounds (for example: canoodling = canoe + doodle)
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