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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game is played with an arc of people (usually between 6 and 12).

Suggestions Taken

A suggestion is taken for an initial relationship or location.

How It Is Played

Two people on stage begin a scene with the suggestion given by the audience and during their scene make reference to past or future events. At any point a person on the back line can say "Show me that" regarding one of those events at which point the performers on stage will freeze and the person on the line who made the call will come forward either tapping people out or bringing more people on stage as needed and begin to act out the scene that the reference was made to. This cycle will continue until scene is called.

Tips For Performance

  • Performers should be wary of being too obvious with their references. Mentions should be made organically within the scene, rather than blatant hint dropping. Focus on actually building a good scene.
  • Many people can be brought on stage for a particular scene, but if the stage is too crowded, don't be shy about tapping multiple people out to cut it back down to a manageable couple of people.
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