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Shoulda Said is a scene game.

Number Of Players

2-4 players.

Suggestions Taken

Normal suggestions of a location, relationship between characters, or anything to set up a general scene.

How It Is Played

A normal shortform improv game, the scene progresses as normal. When the host (or a designated third party) indicates (normally by yelling "Shoulda Said!" or through a sound effect such as a bell or buzzer), the last line spoken by a player must be changed.

Tips For Performance

  • If a line of yours is "buzzed," be sure to change it drastically. If the original line is "I'm going to Wal-Mart," don't change it to "I'm going to Target." Change it to "I'm going to put flowers on my dead mother's grave."
  • As the person "buzzing," not all things that are marked have to be spoken dialogue. If someone sings, dances, or does something unusual that would be funny to be seen a different way, do it.
  • As the person "buzzing," try not to mark the same line more than twice. This puts unnecessary pressure on the performers to come up with something, and it can be inorganic.
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