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Matt Gyure is the aforementioned robot from Ad Liberation that Kate "Caper" Borders has a crush on. It is debatable that he reciprocates those feelings. He did create the Website and Wiki for The Ship of Fools at a ridiculously low price when Kate asked for his help. However, robots cannot have feelings, merely circuit malfunctions.

Personal Life

Matt is from Crown Point, Indiana. He is studying Computer Engineering at Purdue University Calumet, and thoroughly enjoys what he does. Someday, he will be able to parlay all that he has learned into becoming Iron Man. He also loves puns, video games, and irony.

Ad Liberation

Matt is a performer with Ad Liberation, the newest troupe associated with Purdue University. They have a unique style of Long Form, and break up their sets with short form games. During long form, they have shout outs, which they give to the audience, allowing them more control on how the scenes progress. With that, they also incorporate a keyboard that has different sound effects and music built into it, which they use to heighten the emotions on stage, or to add a bit of chaos.

First Show with SoF

Ad Liberation and Ship of Fools have a mutual member, one Taylor "The Turtle" Daine. The two troupes decided to do a joint show on February 25, 2012. The show was a huge success, and it solidified the two troupes' friendship. They often will attend the other troupe's shows and advertise for each other, hoping for nothing but success for each other.


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