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Repeat Game
Repeat Game

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[edit] Category

Repeat Game

[edit] Number Of Players

Three players, one who starts off stage.

[edit] Suggestions Taken


[edit] How It Is Played

First two players start a scene to take one minute. The third player can enter at any point during the scene. At one minute, the scene ends and the host acquires a second suggestion. The scene is repeated incorporating both suggestions. A third suggestion is taken, and scene is repeated with all. Finally a fourth suggestion is taken and the scene is repeated a final time incorporating all four suggestions.

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • A good order for suggestions is "Location, film genre, overriding emotion, and relationship", though many others can work.
  • Mark milestones in the scene to hit during the repetitions.
  • The scene should change, but only in very minor ways, and generally in the dialogue.
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