Quintin "Qdoba" Hacker

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Quintin joined the Ship of Fools on October 20th, 2013. He is one of the first three people to join the Fools through auditions. Quintin's nickname was bestowed after his call-back audition. During a game of Space Jump, Kyle "Tropak" Reeves joined the scene with David "Mewtwo" Felts, Kate "Nebraska" Borders, and Quintin. The scene, since Mewtwo was already holding Nebraska's shoulders, and Quintin was holding something on the other side of the stage, became about Qdoba being used to torture Nebraska. Quintin finished making a burrito, and began to torment Nebraska with the wrapped totilla.

First Show

Quintin has not performed his first show with the Ship of Fools yet. Maybe when he's older.

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Quintin is a pre-pharmacy student from Indianapolis. In high school he was an actor, speech team competitor and Comedy Sportz actlete but when he joined college he dedicated his life to science. After coining himself as the mustard guy at the first and only open forum he attended his freshman year, he decided to play it cool for a while. Until, still on the e-mail list, he heard about the opportunity to audition! So now, excited to learn what the Ship of Fools has to teach, he’s diving head first into Purdue Improv!

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