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This is a warm-up/skill game.

Number Of Players

This is a game for six players, divided into two teams of three.

Suggestions Taken

Sometimes a location, relationship, etc. is taken for the first round, but suggestions usually aren't taken beyond that.

How It Is Played

A player steps forward from each team. They perform a scene where they take turns speaking, and can only speak in questions. For example, an exchange between two players could go like this: "How are you doing?" "Do you not see the bear trap clamped to my leg?" "Is the wound infected?" "Is the green flesh any indication?". If a player says something that's not a question, or just doesn't make sense, they're out, and they're replaced by the next person in line.

Tips For Performance

  • Don't just take each question the other player asks, and repeat it back to them, adding "Do you think I <insert other player's question here>?". It's cheap and considered a cop-out.
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