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Prankster Mime is a Mime and Giberish Game and Scene game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with two people.

Suggestions Taken

No suggestions are taken for this game.

How it is Played

Person A builds a scene with mime. Person A then leaves the scene and Person B enters. Person B is the prankster and, while Person A watches from outside the scene, proceeds to muck up the physical components of the scene. Finally, Person B will leave and Person A will reenter and the fun is had as the audience gets to watch them react to all the things that have been altered / destroyed / ruined in their world.

Tips for Performance

  • Person A should be extremely detailed with their scene building so that Person B has a lot to work with.
  • Person A, upon reentering, should act like they don't notice anything amiss at first.
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