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[edit] Category

Prankster Mime is a Mime and Giberish Game and Scene game.

[edit] Number of players

This game is traditionally played with two people.

[edit] Suggestions Taken

No suggestions are taken for this game.

[edit] How it is Played

Person A builds a scene with mime. Person A then leaves the scene and Person B enters. Person B is the prankster and, while Person A watches from outside the scene, proceeds to muck up the physical components of the scene. Finally, Person B will leave and Person A will reenter and the fun is had as the audience gets to watch them react to all the things that have been altered / destroyed / ruined in their world.

[edit] Tips for Performance

  • Person A should be extremely detailed with their scene building so that Person B has a lot to work with.
  • Person A, upon reentering, should act like they don't notice anything amiss at first.
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