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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game consists of four performers and one person to wield the "remote".

Suggestions Taken

One random word, relationship, or location.

How It Is Played

One person sits in front of performers with his/her back to the audience and mimes a remote control. Two other performers begin a scene. While they are performing their scene, the other two performers mime a scene behind them as if they are a "picture-in-picture" on a television. At any point, the person with the remote control can say "switch", at which point the background performers become the main scene and can speak, and the main performers become the silent picture-in-picture.

Tips For Performance

  • Make very active scenes so that when you are silent, you are still interesting to watch and have large gestures.
  • If you are in the second scene, make a completely different scene than the first one.
  • When you are in the background, you will not be able to advance your scene a lot so just make large gestures and pick up shortly after you left off the next time you can speak.
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