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Perfect Date is a Scene and repetition game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with two people.

Suggestions Taken

Suggestion taken for the game is where the date is taking place. You can get this by asking for just a location, or the weirdest place someone has gone for a date.

How it is Played

Two performers are on a date. As they start to get to know each other, they might hear something from their partner that they don't care for. When they do, they will say, "Come again?" or "Pardon?" or something to that effect. Their partner will have to come with something else to say, and explaining how that fits into the scene. This continues until the host calls scene.

Tips for Performance

  • This tends to turn into a talking head scene, so be sure to move
  • When a partner says "Come again?" go in the complete opposite direction and be very creative

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