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This is an advice game.  
This is an advice game.  

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[edit] Category

This is an advice game.

[edit] Number Of Players

This is for four people.

[edit] Suggestions Taken

Each player receives something to be an expert in. These are often products, activities, careers, or any category you can think of.

[edit] How It Is Played

Each player is an expert in a specific topic. People from the audience ask questions to gain advice from these experts.

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • Each player can answer as many or as few questions as they wish. If you can't think of something to say, you don't have to answer the question
  • Don't let a question go unanswered. If no one is talking, say something even if it isn't "funny".
  • Get creative within your suggestion, think of interesting ways to use what you're given.
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