Oxygen Deprivation

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This game is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game is for four to six people.

Suggestions Taken

Some sort of event, relationship, or location taken from the audience.

How It Is Played

With a number of buckets of water set up "off scene" but in clear view of the audience, one performer sticks their head in one of the buckets while the others begin a scene. Within a very short amount of time one of the on stage performs must devise a reason to leave the scene in order to tap out the person with their head under water and save them from drowning. Performer 2 then takes that place in the bucket, while Performer 1 enters the scene and makes some justification for being wet. All performers should continually rotate, so all are soaked in the end, and no one is dead.

Tips For Performance

  • Awareness is a must!
  • Safety is a should! Very soon the floor will be soaked so be careful when traversing the dangerous Slip Zone.
  • Bring tarps, a mop, towels, and multiple buckets of water.
  • The performers acting out the scene will most definitely be overshadowed by the gimmick, but be sure to keep your volume up so the audience can at least hear some of the scene.
  • This game is a great show closer/encore game.
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