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This is an arc game.

Number Of Players

This game is usually played with 6-10 people but can be played with as few as 4.

Suggestions Taken

A life event or location is taken as the suggestion

How It Is Played

One player starts standing center stage. They begin telling a story about a day or event that happened to them. Throughout the story, players from the back line can yell out "Objection!" followed by some sort of objection to the story. This can be things they think should happen instead of what was said, flaws in continuity, or anything that the performer wants to object with. The audience cheers if they agree with the objection. If it is accepted, the player who objected takes the place of the former story teller and continues the story with the suggested change.

Tips For Performance

  • Allow players to speak for at least a small amount of time before objecting. Give other people a chance to shine.
  • Don't let players stay out there for longer than they have things to say. If the person starts fumbling, object and come up with the best thing you can to get them out of there.
  • Don't try to force the story into a specific direction, let it move itself along based on other players and yourself.


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