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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game requires four people.

Suggestions Taken

A single suggestion is taken for the opening scene.

How It Is Played

Three performers start on stage, A B and C with one off stage, D. During the scene, one of the performers, A, will find a reason to leave. D off stage will enter, and start a completely different scene. Again, finding another reason to leave, another person, B, will leave. Person A will reenter, starting yet another, brand new scene. With the last person leaving, B will reenter, starting one final new scene. Continuing to exit and enter in any order, you return to one of the four former scenes.

Tips For Performance

  • Create distinct characters.
  • Don't try to think of the scenes as who you're with in the scene, but rather who ISN'T in the scene. It keeps it clear in your mind.
  • If one scene seems to be going somewhere, try to find a way to get it back to that scene.
  • Don't exit or enter too frequently, as it can be jarring for the audience.
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