Matt "No Need for a Nickname" Dennig

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The original Fools (and some older ones) used sea-farring nicknames for example, Paul "CMG" Kuliniewicz was "Cannon" Paul Kuliniewicz and there was Scott "Chips Ahoy!" Yost. Matt Dennig never bestowed a nickname upon himself that related to the brine. Hence, "No Need for a Nickname" was inserted between his given name and surname. During an outing at Applebee's Matt was given the nickname of "Chinstrap" due to his facial hair.

Matt is known for his extreme energy and exquisite taste in automobiles.


Energy was a priority to Matt Dennig, and he was not above sacrificing his body for a scene. It in fact became a trademark for Matt to injure himself during a show or even a practice.

He has:

  • Injured his back on a chalkboard ledge
  • Hit his head numerous times on items surrounding a stage
  • Injured his groin by jumping on Benji's knee during a practice

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Favorite games: Dating Game, Party Quirks
  • Strengths: A frightenlingly good impression of the Burger King
  • Weaknesses: Too good at hurting himself, personifying processes

Personal Life

Matt is currently married to Candace Dennig. He lives in the South Chicagoland area, putting his MET degree from Purdue to good use working for Caterpillar in Joliet, Illinois. West Chester, OH is his hometown.

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