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Living Scenery is a scene game, with an 'other' gimmick.

Number Of Players

This game is played by four people, two of which are performing in the scene, and two of which become the props/scenery for the scene.

Suggestions Taken

A suggestion is taken for the relationship between the performers, or a location for the scene, or even just a word to inspire the scene.

How It Is Played

Two players are performing a scene in which they periodically need items. Two other players take the place of those items.For example: The peformers might be chefs at a pizza parlor. The props could take the place of the oven, the pizza, the counter, the pizza cutter, the sink, the mozzarella cheese shaker, or any other number of items in a pizza parlor.

Tips For Performance

  • Be conscious of the relative size of the players in the game. The game tends to go smoother if the smaller, lighter, and more flexible people are the props, while the bigger, stronger, people are the people performing in the scene.
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