Leah "Vinyl" Hedrick

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  • Job: Cleaning the Captain's kitchen.
  • Fighting Style: A contagious smile and Jedi mind tricks.
  • Age: Not quite 21
  • Blood Type: Be positive! (Seriously.)


Plants, '60s music, whimsy, rivers, melted chocolate, and Neil Gaiman. Hobbies: Cooking, sewing, imagining what people around her would look like with walrus tusks, staying out of Kentucky.


Leah was born and raised in southern Indiana, in the town of Vincennes. There she did many unremarkable things, and also founded an improv troupe at her high school. At Purdue, she studies botany and creative writing and is sometimes seen running around dressed as the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Her spirit Pokémon is Bellossom. Leah's super power is fixing the typos in the universe, and her arch nemesis is the broken backspace key. Her special abilities include making clothing that would look ridiculous on anyone else look good, and expertly distracting people from doing math. Bees hate her.

Humorous Biography

-An excerpt from Cha-Cha’s top secret logs-
“The sea refused to calm that evening as I paced the creaking deck in solitude. I shared with the waters an inexplicable sense of restlessness. My mind was churning like the waves, bearing trivial froth against its ships. The sunset was inked dim by thick, dark storm clouds. I reached the deck's edge and nervously gripped the timber, casting my gaze downward. Expecting only dark blue, my eyes met a curious sight. It appeared to be a clump of seaweed, floating nearer and nearer at an alarming speed. Before I could yell to the crew below, it collided with the stern. Leaning forward frantically, I came to realize it was not sea weed at all; it was citrus branches! They must have come floating out from hundreds of miles away! I called for my shipmates, and before they reached me, I was already climbing down a rope ladder toward the valuable mass. That was when I realized that these branches bore beneath them a maiden, floating unconscious! Absolutely flabbergasted, I tore through the mass and grabbed her by the arm. I tried pulling her aboard, but she would not relinquish her grip on the branches. It took all of our combined strength to pull her and her collection aboard, and she awoke the moment her bare feet hit the boards. Spluttering and shivering, she said only one thing. ‘I brought you some lemons.’ You can bet we responded with a hearty, ‘Welcome aboard, Fool!’”

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