Laura "TB" Helmers

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Laura "TB" Helmers joined the Ship of Fools on Feburary 5, 2010. The nickname "TB" was bestowed upon her through a conversation with Steven "Angel Hair" Saltsman. She is known for her high energy and habit of stealing hats from other people, most notably Eric "Beard" Talbert.

First Show

Laura's first show was the Cattlewomen's show on February 10, 2010. It is to date one of her most memorable shows as it was set in a living room.

But What Does "TB" Stand For?

TB can stand for many things. Notable abbreviations include tuberculosis, Taco Bell, Tampa Bay, total bases (baseball), text books, and terabyte.

Officer Positions

  • Captain: Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
  • Treasurer: Fall 2010 - Spring 2011
  • Webmaster: Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Laura is currently studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in management. Several life goals include owning a Munchkin Cat, moving to the UK, and not being a process engineer.

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