Krystle "Reaper" Smith

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Krystle "Reaper" Smith joined the Ship of Fools on the date of the 2008 canned food drive. The nickname "Reaper" was bestowed upon her by the Ryan "T-Rex" Garwood. The origin of the name comes from an evening of Rock Band, during which Krystle decided to perform vocals on Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper", and then proceeded to turn it into a metal masterpiece. Most people find her intimidating, so it's no surprise she was bestowed with the name Reaper (call it fate), but she's really nice when you get to know her. Like a puppy really...a really disgruntled, misanthropic puppy. Other nicknames in consideration were:

  • Krystle "Cow" Smith.

This was based off the warm-up game of Bippity Bippity Bop in which Krystle would squeal high pitched whenever members had to make a cow and suck milk from the teets.

First Show

Krystle's first show was the Spring 2009 Greyhouse show.

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strengths: Ability to adapt and learn quickly
  • Weaknesses: Comedic timing, confidence, and listening to others in a scene.

Personal Life

Krystle is a Lighting Grad in Purdue's Theatre Department. She originally hails from the sunny smog infested streets of Hollywood, CA, however seeking to be closer to NY and the Chicago area she chose Purdue to pursue her academic goals. Krystle will often make fun of Indiana calling its inhabitants "corn-shuckin' simpletons', but if you get to know her that's her rough exterior really saying "I love you guys."

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