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Jon "Word Ninja" Heffley was a founding member of the Ship of Fools. The nickname "Word Ninja" is explained by the good "Cap'n" Jeremiah "J.T." Redbeard.

"Jon is a highly trained, semi-lethal ninja. Yep, that's right. But, instead of swords and throwing stars or pizza slices, Jon's Weapons of choice are words! As the resident, multifaceted word ninja of the Ship of Fools, Jon made audiences laugh, cry, and yes, even think with his use of language in improvised scenes. He has a great, skewed perspective on life that leads to often humorous and frequently profound observations. Of course, there are times when the humor and profundity exist in his own mind, but usually he's breaking out with enough "hand jive" humor to keep us all amused."

First Show

Fool's first show was the the Vienna Bar and Bakery Show, the first show performed by the Ship of Fools.

Naming the Troupe

During discussions of what the improv group should be named, Jon was the primary advocate of calling the group "Word Ninjas". Although "Ship of Fools" won out in the end, "Word Ninja" was re-purposed as Jon's nickname for purposes of the website, thus making Jon the only founding Fool without ever having a pirate-themed nickname. It also demonstrates yet another skirmish in the classic battle of pirates versus ninjas.

Personal Life

Jon was a Computer Science major during his time at Purdue. He began doing stand up comedy his senior year at Purdue. He has since moved to San Diego, where he does some very offensive standup material that has gotten him punched in the face. He also performs improv with San Diego Theatre Sports and sketch comedy with The Pearl Street Players of North County.

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