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==Officer Positions==
==Officer Positions==
Treasurer: Fall 2012 - Mid-Fall 2012
Treasurer: Fall 2012 - Mid-Fall 2012
Captain: Mid-Fall 2012 - Current
Captain: Fall 2012 - Current
==Improv Strengths and Weaknesses==
==Improv Strengths and Weaknesses==

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Jeremy joined the Ship of Fools at the end of the 2011 Fall Semester. The name "Falafel" was given to him by "Lucky" Luke Poole and Kate "Caper" Borders after a successful show for veterinary students visiting Purdue on March 16, 2012. During a game of Blind Lines, Jeremy misread the word "Falafel" as "Fall-a-fell." The audience and fellow performers were confused. Taylor "The Turtle" Daine was also in the game, and proceeded to correct Jeremy, and Jeremy continued to mispronounce things in the game, which got a big laugh.

First Show

Jeremy's first show was the 2012 Spring Call-Out Show, January 27, 2012, in BRNG 2280.

Officer Positions

Treasurer: Fall 2012 - Mid-Fall 2012 Captain: Fall 2012 - Current

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Jeremy is going to Purdue for English Education. He came out to the first Open Forum of his freshmen year and before long fell in love with improvisational comedy. Being a part of the Purdue Improv Club really helped him find out who he was freshman year of college, and he is glad now to be a part of it and a member of the Ship of Fools.

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