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Jeff "Spanke" Spanke joined the Ship of Fools in (insert date). The nickname "Spanke" comes from his unusual last name, which is already funny enough not to be changed. Spanke is best known for his charisma, dashing good looks, and electrifying stage presence.


The "Huzzah" is the brainchild of Jeff Spanke. During the 2005 Halloween Party, Spanke had a hard time making himself heard over the din. To start the next round of show tunes and cartoon themes, he loudly proclaimed "TIME OUT", and everyone fell silent. He then hoisted his long arm high above his head in an epic pose and screamed "Huzzah!", to which most echoed. He closed with the natural "TIME IN" and proceeded from there. As the evening progressed, he did this a few more times, and it stuck. The Fools now typically use this as an attention getter or crowd silencing tactic at weekly meetings.

Improv Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Life

Jeff Spanke is now a married graduate student at Purdue University. He received his degree in English in December of 2005. He is currently teaching an english class at northmontgomerey high school. hes and awsome teacher. One of the best, his teaching methods are differnt from all other teachers and he has gaind the respect of me and im sure the students at North Montgomery High School. We are lucky to have him... "Dream is Destiny."

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