Irish Drinking Song

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Irish Drinking Song is a song game.

Number Of Players

Irish Drinking Song is played by four people.

Suggestions Taken

Usually, life events or similar suggestions are taken to base a story off of.

How It Is Played

The players sing a drinking song the tells a story about the suggestion in the first person. Players each sing a verse in order, moving from left to right. The second and fourth verses must rhyme. This is repeated for a second stanza. The second player then begins the next stanza. Play continues until all four players have begun a stanza. At the beginning of the game and after each stanza the nonsensical chorus "ardy ardy ardy ardy ardy ardy ar" is sung by all four players. For clarity, the game is outlined below. Chorus

  • 1, 2(rhyme), 3,4(rhyme)
  • 1, 2(rhyme), 3, 4(rhyme)
  • 2, 3(rhyme), 4, 1(rhyme)
  • 2, 3(rhyme), 4, 1(rhyme)
  • 3, 4(rhyme), 1, 2(rhyme)
  • 3, 4(rhyme), 1, 2(rhyme)
  • 4, 1(rhyme), 2, 3(rhyme)
  • 4, 1(rhyme), 2, 3(rhyme)

Tips For Performance

  • Maintaining past tense makes story telling much easier.
  • Consider the second verse of a stanza carefully. The last word of the line should be easy to rhyme with, such as a word ending with vowel.
  • Don't try to move the story forward too quickly. There are eight stanzas of song that must be played.
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