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Interrogation is a guessing game.

Number Of Players

This game is played by three people: two cops (the conveyors), and the perp (the guesser).

Suggestions Taken

A suggestion is taken for the identity of the guesser, and the crime the guesser has committed. These two do not have to, and really should not, be related. For example: Captain Crunch shouldn't have stolen all the peanut butter, or even crashed a ship. Captain Crunch should have done something completely unrelated to Captain Crunch, like blowing up the moon. Also, the "crime" doesn't have to be something bad.

How It Is Played

One performer is a famous person who's committed some dastardly deed, and is now being grilled by two policemen in the investigation room. The policemen must use clues to clue in the villain as to who they are and what they've done so that they can confess.

Tips For Performance

  • When dropping clues, start off subtle and gradually get more obvious.
  • It is considered good practice for the policemen to make sure that the guesser has figured out who they are before they continue on to what they did.
  • For the guesser to confirm their identity and crime, they write out a confession, in which they state "I, (their identity), (crime committed)"
  • It is often customary for the policemen to hand-cuff the villain once he enters the room. Just remember to uncuff them when
  • Once you think you have figured out your identity, don't overtly state it. Until the very end, of course.
  • For example, if think that you're Chester Cheetah, don't say "I am Chester Cheetah". Instead, do something more in the vein of "(terrible pun). Yeah, I'm dangerously cheesy."

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