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This is a scene game.  
This is a scene game.  

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[edit] Category

This is a scene game.

[edit] Number Of Players

This game is for 4 players.

[edit] Suggestions Taken

A relationship, location, or word to base their scene off of.

[edit] How It Is Played

Two people are doing a scene, usually sitting down to reduce confusion on stage, but standing and moving is a viable option. The other two people on stage act as the main characters "inner voices". During the scene, as the main characters interact their inner voices will place their hand on the person who they are in the head of and say something that would be on that characters mind. The scene freezes while this happens, even occasionally mid-sentence. The person who just had that "thought" then has to incorporate it in the scene.

[edit] Tips For Performance

  • Remember, as a character you wouldn't be able to hear the thoughts of the person across from you, so you can't respond directly to them. Respond to the actions of the other performer instead.

[edit] Variants

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