Inner Vices

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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game is for 5 players.

Suggestions Taken

Three of the players get a vice that they will be portraying. The other two get a relationship, location, or word to base their scene off of.

How It Is Played

A variant of Inner Voices, two people are doing a scene. One person is a normal person, the other is a little strange. They have three vices which plague their psyche. During the scene, one of the three people on the back line will step forward and place their hand on the person who they are in the head of (the second scene player). The scene freezes and they say something that their particular vice would say. That is the inner thoughts of that person, and they then have to incorporate it in the scene.

Tips For Performance

  • Choose interesting vices. There are the seven deadly sins, but think of other things that could be considered vices
  • If on the back line do not interrupt the scene unless you can add something to it.
  • Vary your inner thoughts don't be a one note voice
  • If the straight man, feel free to make setups for the people on the back line to come in on
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