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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This is a game for three players.

Suggestions Taken

Location, occupation, relationship, etc.

How It Is Played

The three players perform a scene in which two of the performers are incredibly dirty-minded individuals who can only speak in innuendo, while the third performer (the straight man) is completely oblivious to their innuendos. It's up to the straight man to direct the scene, while the other two find ways to make what he/she says dirty. The dirty-minded players must end their innuendos with "if you know what I mean." For example, in a scene where the straight man is a math professor, and the other two are students, the straight man might point to a chalkboard and say, "Now, class, we'll inspect the concavity of this parabolic curve.", at which point one of the "dirty-minded" players might say, "I'd inspect YOUR concavity.... if you know what I mean."

Tips For Performance

  • As stated above, it's up to the straight man to drive the scene. Bear this in mind, as the other two players will mostly be responding to what the straight man says and does.
  • Note for the "dirty-minded" performers: Pretty much anything can be turned into an innuendo with the right inflection and a sly wink.
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