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Ryan "T-Rex" Garwood, who lives with fellow fool John "Freshman/Tripod" Tubergen and the President of the DDR Club, Alex Barnett often shares stories of apartment life at Ship of Fools meetings. At one such meeting, he described one of his newer nicknames- the apartment "Quartermaster". This of course comes from the military branch of logistics dealing with the acquisition, storage, transportation, and distribution of all items used by the service. In that same vein, Ryan keeps a mental list of virtually all consumables and commodities within the house, at the same time maintaining inventory each week at the store and tracking things entering and leaving, especially troublesome items like soft white 60 watt bulbs.

The Query

When he heard of this impressive skill, a curious John "Cowboy" Clawson began quizzing Quartermaster Ryan at the improv meeting about things found at their apartment. He asked yes or no questions regarding the availability of items such as:

  • Paperclips (yes)
  • Eggbeater (no)
  • AAA batteries (yes)
  • Prophylactics (yes)

The Scoop

Finally, John asked if Ryan had an "ice cream scoop" there. Honestly, he didn't know (a maybe). This became a point of contention for the two, and Cowboy asked him at least five more times that evening. When asked again later at the next weekly meeting, T-Rex responded "I'll get back to you". Later that weekend at the store, he specifically made a point to purchase a high quality scoop. The next week at their meeting, Ryan presented the ice cream scoop to a surprised John. The scoop is clearly labeled as "Ice Cream Scoop". Cowboy carries it with him proudly to Ship of Fools events, just in case.

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