I Like My Women

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I Like My Women is an arc game.

Number of players

This game is traditionally played with 6-10 people with a host to read suggestions throughout.

Suggestions Taken

Many types of suggestions are taken for this game. Professions, household items, types of people, all of these are categories are used as prompts.

How it is Played

Players stand in an arc facing the audience at the back of the stage. Suggestions are read and performers step up to tell jokes that are made beginning with the line "I Like my women like I like my..." finishing the joke with a pun, sweet saying, sex joke, or insult. For example, "I like my women like I like my board games: with a little bit of Risk" or "I like my men like I like my board games: in the bedroom with the rope."

Tips for Performance

  • Don't let there be a long lull when a suggestion is first announced. Even if your joke is bad, any joke is better than silence.
  • Don't step on other people's jokes. Be polite when stepping up, try not to run each other over.
  • Try to listen and not repeat jokes other performers have said.
  • Think of words related to the suggestion and ways in which they can be used. Perform mini brain storms to search for interesting and unique jokes.
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