Historical Marker

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Historical Marker

Historical Marker refers to the Foolish Lore centered about an elusive, possibly non-existent piece of history that the Ship of Fools were unable to find on their way to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in April 2006.

The lead facilitator in the group's interest in this subject was Alex "SOG" Semchuck, who first spotted a sign saying "Historical Marker, ___ miles" ahead. A renowned lifelong history buff, SOG was excited to see a clearly defined piece of history after said number of miles. But SOG saw absolutely nothing, prompting himself to tell the rest of the Fools in the caravan about it. This included Ryan "T-Rex" Garwood, John "Freshman/Tripod" Tubergen, and John "Cowboy" Clawson.

Upon going back the opposite way, and back again, the Fools were all on the lookout for the elusive historical marker. Several signs were seen from both directions until the distance was less than half-a-mile. Yet nothing was ever found!

The frustration was nearly all Alex could talk about for the rest of the road trip. Whenever uttered, the phrase "historical marker" conjures up feelings of anger and frustration in all Fools to this day.

If the Fools make a return trip to Ohio in 2007, Alex will lead an in-depth, all-out search for the marker, and plans to not return to West Lafayette until he finds it...or at least makes one of his own to put there.

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