Here Comes Charlie

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This is a scene game.

Number Of Players

This game is for four people. One person stands off to the side as "Charlie".

Suggestions Taken

The suggestion taken is often an activity for the three people on stage to be doing.

How It Is Played

Three people are doing something while waiting for their friend Charlie. They begin talking about him/her while waiting and mention his/her strange characteristics. This can be physical, mental, or personality quirks. Whenever the person playing Charlie has enough characteristics they enter the scene embodying the characteristics named.

Tips For Performance

  • Begin talking about Charlie early in the scene, but justify it.
  • Get creative with characteristics named, but don't get mean. If your characteristic is overpowering it is too strong.
  • Try and include a variety of quirks, don't just name physical things but also personality quirks


  • Here Comes Vague Charlie is a variant in which Charlie, instead of being weird, is the most average person available. The quirks given are normal things that are stereotypical of average people.
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